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Re: [IP] Throwing out test meters? (longish)

At 06:17 PM 8/31/2009, Ricardo wrote:
>Ricardo Responds:
>I can see absolutely no logic in throwing out a meter that still
>calibrates within the parameters of it's control solution. The
>practice even seems wasteful. Manufacturers amortize the cost of the
>meters in the cost of the test strips, so there is a cost for the
>meter. It is just not a separate itemized cost.
>One of the arguments against the current Health Care proposals is that
>when patients view Health Care as spending someone else's money,
>Health Care costs increase because people are wasteful of health
>resources, as seen with throwing out meters because they are free. To
>Suzanne's point, paying for and replacing a Ping or MM meter would
>make someone more considerate of health costs.

I agree 100%.  It's nonsense, absolute nonsense probably started by 
people who have no clue how meters or electronics work.

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