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RE: [IP] Throwing out test meters? (longish)

At 05:58 PM 8/31/2009, Doug wrote:
>Call your Meter company and ask.
>Add that to the fact that the Endos get FREE meters to give away and you can
>see why they might say "Just get a new one "

But, why should I get a new meter when the old one works just 
fine?  Why should I throw a perfectly good meter in the land fill, 
when our society is filling up with garbage as fast as they 
can?  That's right, I forgot, we are a THROW AWAY society.  It's 
stupid, absolutely stupid and is nonsense.  Besides, maybe I should 
request a new pump after a year, since it's run on electronics 
too.  Does anyone else see what nonsense this is?

>But as has been said if you have a meter that connects to your pump it may
>be more complicated

I also have a Ping.  I don't think they'll send me a new meter just 
because I want one.  What nonsense.

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