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[IP] Throwing out test meters? (longish)

Barbara Wrote:
Below is a quote from an article titled "The Scoop On Finding Cheap  
Test Strips and Meters" in MyDiabetesCentral, posted Aug. 24, by Ann  
Bartlett, who has Type 1:

"It is important to throw out your meter after about a year to  
maintain consistency. "

I  asked a question about the source for this sentence (because it  
made NO sense to me).

Suzanne Wrote:
What if you have an expensive meter that can't be bought at a store?  
Like the One Touch that works with a Minimed pump or the One Touch  
Ping that works wirelessly with the Animas pump? I for one am not  
going to pay the hundreds of dollars out of pocket to replace the  
meter when it gets to be older than a year or two!

Ricardo Responds:
I can see absolutely no logic in throwing out a meter that still  
calibrates within the parameters of it's control solution. The  
practice even seems wasteful. Manufacturers amortize the cost of the  
meters in the cost of the test strips, so there is a cost for the  
meter. It is just not a separate itemized cost.

One of the arguments against the current Health Care proposals is that  
when patients view Health Care as spending someone else's money,  
Health Care costs increase because people are wasteful of health  
resources, as seen with throwing out meters because they are free. To  
Suzanne's point, paying for and replacing a Ping or MM meter would  
make someone more considerate of health costs.
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