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RE: [IP] Throwing out test meters? (longish)

Rather than propaganda perhaps is common sense 

Most meter companies have systems that allow any pump user ( high test strip
per day customer )( best customers ) 
 to get new meters at NO cost 

Call your Meter company and ask.  
Add that to the fact that the Endos get FREE meters to give away and you can
see why they might say "Just get a new one "

if you call the Meter company and explain that you are getting readings that
are that far off they will likely volunteer to send you a new one. 

But as has been said if you have a meter that connects to your pump it may
be more complicated  

Abbott has a lady that calls me every few months to be sure Im not having
any problems.  Its part of a Freestyle program they have 

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At 04:24 PM 8/31/2009, suzanne watts wrote:
>  What if you have an expensive meter that can't be bought at a 
> store? Like the
>One Touch that works with a Minimed pump or the One Touch Ping that works
>wirelessly with the Animas pump? I for one am not going to pay the hundreds
>dollars out of pocket to replace the meter when it gets to be older 
>than a year
>or two! Nor will I just start using a different meter that won't
>with my pump....just a thought....

Sounds to me like propaganda put out there perhaps by meter companies 
to get people to buy new meters when they really don't need them.  I 
have old meters and I have new ones, and they all check within a few 
points of each other.  Sounds like nonsense to me.  Guess I should 
also replace my computer (not because the hardware is getting out of 
date, but because it's getting old and not work so good?), my stereo 
which is also electronics, my TV which is also electronics, oh and my 
car, which is a 2006 and has a computer in it and guess those 
electronics are getting old too.  NOT!

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