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RE: [IP] obsession, my name is diabetes

 I have found it to be the tools that make me more motivated. Those visual BG's
sticks were so easy to kid yourself with...then came the meters with a digital
number to deal with...yes you are 240 not 180....
On MDI my BG were all over the place no control at ALL.

 Then they came out those programs to download the info from your meter and it
was so exciting that is until the screen show how horrible my control really
was...then discouraging when it refused to behave.

 When the I started on the pump, again, another level of control was achieved,
Dawn Phenomenon no longer had the upper hand...Yahoo...and when I found IP and
learned so many new tricks to pumping.
 It was more encouraging to see long stretches of good control and finally learn
about why some of those unexpected highs were occurring...i.e. change out the
 Now with the CGMS OMG finally, finally, I am seeing good control I can trust my
body for the first time to not throw me all over the place...
 So yes I WANT to test more often...I LOVE seeing good numbers everyday all
day....I always wanted to achieve this level of control and now can with the new
tools we have today.....yesterday I road my bicycle for 3 hours (20 miles) and
maintained a BG of about 85-120 with only a snack before I left....
Between the pump and CGMS (minimed) I feel almost free!!!!!
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