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Re: [IP] Throwing out test meters? (longish)

--- On Mon, 8/31/09, email @ redacted <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Sooooo, my question for the IP crowd is----anyone ever
> heard of this
> and/or what do you think? (It still makes NO sense to
> me....)  

 The last time I saw my CDE she asked me how old my meter (UltraSmart) was. I
told her 4 years and she said I should use a new one, and shouldn't use a meter
for longer than 2 years. At first I was confused and thought she wanted me to
switch to another brand, and I said no. Then she explained that I should just
use a new UltraSmart. I'm still using the same old one which is now closer to 5
years old. I do have another one at home that I've never used and if I remember,
I might switch it out and see if there's any difference in side-by-side tests. I
have a newer Mini and I've tested that along side my UltraSmart and don't
remember any great difference, so I'm not sure if I really need to use a new
meter or not. My other UltraSmart has never been used but I've had it for more
than a year, at least, already.

Type 1 dx 4/1987
Minimed 722 + CGMS
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