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RE: [IP] Very discouraged


 I have been on the CGMS since December and had great luck. Then I hit a snag
and could not get the sensors to work AT ALL!
 In my case it was the OpSite Flexifix tape I was putting down on my skin first
for protection. Like many others I would develop
 Red marks from the transmitter on my skin. Then I read that the sensor needed
more contact with the skin so now I cut a hole in the tape before inserting the
sensor this seemed to solve the problem for me...perhaps you are doing something

 Another issue I have now is the sensor seems to need to "wet" overnight in
order to get it to start working. Several others suggested inserting the sensor
before bed and then changing out the transmitter in the morning this works very
well for me. It may have been suggested already but you can turn off the sensor
once you get the error. I have left if off for up to 6 hrs and then got the
senor to work.
 Lately, I have wondered if there is some relationship to hydrations for some of
these sensor issues.

Good luck, I LOVE MY CGMS

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