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Re: [IP] obsession, my name is diabetes

I was dx'd at around 1970. Had a baby in the early 80's. I think meters were
just coming out around that time. I think my endo told me to test once a day.
At least I think that is what he told me, heck it was 25+ years ago I could be
totally wrong about that one. But I was only 20 at the time and I breezed thru
my pregnancy. Youth does have some advantages once in awhile. Anyway had a 6
lb 3 1.2 oz healthy baby.
But of course like you I now test about 10 times a day as well. I think the
thing is as we get older we start to care what damage we do and try to avoid
it. In our younger years we are indestructible and think we will live forever
(even if they did tell us we would die before we hit the age of 40)

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want to know what the "oldtimers" think. Back in the late 1950's, when 
there was nothing available, such as today (no b/g meters, few docs who knew 
what to do) we did fine. I went through a successful pregnancy in the mid
70's,  with only Keto-Diastix ("don't spill ketones" was my endos call). Did
real well,  never had a problem and had a 7 lb. 10 oz. son that was fine.

Now, with the Ultra tester and lots of strips available, I test all the 
time. Maybe 10x daily; sometimes because i don't feel right and don't know
high  or low? or just cause I do, and have control of my numbers, because of
the  pump.
Is it that i'm just older and more aware, or obsessive? I haven't stopped 
doing anything i did decades ago, just more aware? Anyone feel this way?
(Maybe  low b/gs have made me totally NUTS!)
The Dinosaur lady,
email @ redacted (mailto:email @ redacted)
52+yrs. insulin dependent, 9 yrs. on pump
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