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RE: [IP] Few Question from a new user

>     I was told to rotate to different parts of my body at set change: If my
>set was in the right side of my abdomen, then I would change the site to the
>left side, right hip, left hip, etc.  and to space the sites 2 inches apart

The problem with that approach is that you can wind up using the same 
place after you've rotated though the different areas.  I use a grid, 
with each site inserted so that the tape (on quicksets it's a 1 5/8 " 
circle has about a 1/2" gap from the previous tape, which gives the 
2" separation.  So if I start as far down and back on the left as I 
can reach toward my hip, the next insertion will be above it until I 
reach just below my waistband, then start back toward the front and 
down, until the entire left side has been used.  Then start the right 
side.  Since I have quite a bit of real estate, the same general area 
is used only once every three-four months--plenty of time for 
healing.  Granted, the CGM is really complicating things and 
shortening the time between insertion in the same general area.  What 
I'm trying is to alternate using the center of my body for the CGM 
and the outside for the insulin and vice versa, so an area used two 
months ago for one is now being used by the other, while both stay on 
the same side of my body to facilitate short tubing and having the 
pump on the same side as the sensor.
Sue Ann Bowling, North Pole, Alaska
http://climate.gi.alaska.edu/Bowling/Bowling.html (professional--retired)
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