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Re: [IP] Few Question from a new user

Hi Dillip,
  It's good to hear you're doing well with the pump. I don't believe in wasting
insulin either and don't necessarily change my reservoir and site at the same
time. I use an Animas 1250 pump so I totally fill my reservoir and use it until
it runs out. I do change my site every 3 1/2 days however. When I change the
reservior I do change the tubing at that time. My reservoir lasts about 4 1/2
days usually for the amount of insulin I use and the capacity of the cartridge.
Hope this helps.
  Diane from Northville, MI
  Pumping Animas 1250 since Aug 06

Dilip Ladhani <email @ redacted> wrote:
  Hello Everyone,
I started using my pump three weeks ago and I love the control it's
given me. I am not a big eater or a big snacker, but the ability to
adjust the insulin to my requirements is great. I got onto the pump to
take care of my highs, but also to prevent lows and I haven't had a
low since I started on my pump. The best part is, now I can "feel my
lows". Maybe that's because I am on Humalog only now versus being on
Humilin R and 70/30 on MDI. Not sure, but it works.
This site and mailing list have been tremendously helpful. I am a
Software Architect and subscribe and contribute to various lists, so I
get lot of mail. However I make sure I read my IP mail. It's my "most
useful" list. Here are a few questions I have, I did a search in the
Archives and found a few tips, but will be glad, if more people can
give me pointers. I appreciate all this help.
1) Reclaiming old insulin :- When it's time to change sets and I have,
say about 20 units left in my old set, do I just put a syring in my
old set, get the insulin and stick it in my new set? Is this the best
way? I hate wasting insulin!!

2) Site Change :- I read a lot of mails on this and have decided, I am
going to change my site every 3.5 days. I am relatively skinny
(although my wife says I have a good two inches!!) 145 lbs 5'7" and
the last time I had to change my site I went back close to, my first
site (where I inserted my first infusion set when I got on the pump)
and the site did not work!! My BG was 250 two hours after my meal. I
switched the site and it was all fine. Back to 149, within an hour. I
figure I will just have to go around and find more sites (on my sides
and thighs) and give time more the old sites to heal. Any pointers
from you guys are appreciated.

3) I also read about the Dual wave bolus when eating a pizza. I
typically eat about two pieces. I am thinking about doing half at the
time of eating and half in the next hour. I understand that everyone
is different, I will see how that works.

Thanks again.

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