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RE: [IP] what's up with minimed?-Customer Service Scripts..

Maddy, believe it or not, MM does have their own
people at desks 24/7 in the same location.  They do
not use outside services of any sort.  Yes, I agree,
that's a good thing.  Also, the helpline offers
technical assistance, which in some cases can involve
a myriad of problems or can be highly complex.  Thus,
it would take more than a "script" to directly address
an issue.  I was told that their new people require
three months of training to talk on the phones.  If
all they did was read from a script, they would
probably pull people off the street.

That said, they should have called the National Guard
months ago to prevent customers from hanging on the
phone for inordinate periods of time.

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> Good Morning All...
> Just a quick note on this....   
> Most offices DO NOT have people sitting at desks
> 24/7   ....that would be
> utterly impossible, on the off hours you are more
> then likely reaching a
> service.  Not only that, most of these kind of
> places have "scripts" in
> place.  There for the reason why most of you would
> get the same generic
> response.   So if you are holding to long or can not
> get assistance I would
> complain.   If it is that bad then it is time for MM
> to find a new route or
> a new service.    I would agree with what most have
> told you, and cut and
> paste your email to them.   At least they do not
> have some third world
> country answering their phones like most of our
> major American companies are
> now doing.
> As for the supplies I am on the auto re-order, by
> the time I am down to one
> box of my sets, my order is at my door.   
> Maddy
> .
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