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RE: [IP] what's up with minimed?-Customer Service Scripts..

MM is available too. I've called at 2am Eastern and they've been there. 

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I'm on Animas, and there is someone on call 24/7.  A CDE, too.  Is that not
the way with MiniMed?

On 8/30/07, Maddy <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Good Morning All...
> Just a quick note on this....
> Most offices DO NOT have people sitting at desks 24/7   ....that would be
> utterly impossible, on the off hours you are more then likely reaching 
> a service.  Not only that, most of these kind of places have "scripts" 
> in place.  There for the reason why most of you would get the same generic
> response.   So if you are holding to long or can not get assistance I
> would
> complain.   If it is that bad then it is time for MM to find a new route
> or
> a new service.    I would agree with what most have told you, and cut and
> paste your email to them.   At least they do not have some third world
> country answering their phones like most of our major American 
> companies are now doing.
> As for the supplies I am on the auto re-order, by the time I am down 
> to one box of my sets, my order is at my door.
> Maddy
> .


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