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RE: [IP] Hypoglycemia and its effects on A1C

Thank you George! I looked through the articles, but am not finding what it
is I am looking for. If I remember correctly it was about frequent lows
within the few weeks prior to an A1C and that the effects were not as huge
as one might think? My interpretation was that the lows did not count for as
much as one would think on the A1C reading. Which would kind of make sense
as to that the lows come on and are quickly corrected - therefore the time
the body is in the low is not very long? 

The other thing I thought I understood was that sugar had a higher
propensity towards a newer heme molecule than it did to one that was nearing
the end of its life cycle. My doctor stated that it was a kinetic
relationship and not what I was thinking. I was trying to make sense of the
different diseases that would affect A1C readings. (ie: hemolytic anemia,
Gilbert syndrome, and Hemochromotosis just to name a few).

I have all of these things jumbling around in my brain and I am just trying
to remember the details. Thanks for all your help and future suggestions.

(Mom of Patrick - type 1 since 8/02 - Animas 1250 - A1C - 6.1)

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