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[IP] You Will Live to Be Over 100.

  As I read the posting on IP each night I am amazed to read the detail that 
most of you are worrying about.
Considering that some us made it for years with out meters at all and yes we 
did use glass syringes and did resharpen the needles.

  I was Dx Oct 1953 and got my first meter in 1980.  It cost several hundred 
dollars and was very approximant in the values that it gave.
    So today I can get results in 5 seconds or if I use my #2 identical 
meter I will get a result that are always 10 points lower.
  My experience when I was using my pump was that I could get better results 
when I used a syringe to do any corrections.

  My observation is that some people are just ridiculous in the detail and 
levels that they are trying to achieve.
  Infusion site give out very fast some times.  They do cause a small build 
up of scar tissue at each site.
   Small blood vessel problems that some are having are very troublesome to 
read about. My suggestion is to such further, as there are other treatments 
and things that some people find that are apparently working to prevent 
Charles Soderstrom DDS  T1 Oct 1953 at age 19
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