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[IP] *MORE* Supplies closet Clear out

Found another stash of supplies in my other closet.  For those that use the
bent needle, have I got a deal for you.

I have           12 BENT NEEDLE       MiniMed type infusion sets.  I can
send these for $10 just the cost to ship them to anyone who needs them.
Some have wings some don't. I was given these when I didn't have pump
supply coverage, so I'd like to pass them along.  "Minimed Polyfin QR sell
24 for $165.00 list price"

I also have           17 SOFT-SET INFUSION           sets.  Some of these
are long, and some are short tubing with long/short cannulas with the quick
release.   These are all sealed packages, but I don't have the original
box.  As you know supplies take up so much space, I had gotten rid of the
boxes so I could store them in one bigger box.  

              "List price for 12 is $130"  going to sell these (17)  for
$25 to cover shipping + . Some of these sets were given to me by a generous
friend, so I'm going to pass those along.  However some were actually
purchased out of pocket by me.  (I got these before they came out with the
quickset and couldn't get rapids from MiniMed *GRIN*)  None of them have

Thank you so much for helping me out.  This list has been so generous to me
in the past. I wish I was in a financial situation I could be more generous
and completely give them away.  But now I need to purchase all new supplies
for the new pump.  

One major draw back with the new pump, but the pros outweigh the cons. 



PS: IF you want any of these, then please email me off list at
email @ redacted  Thank you.

Also I still have

2 boxes of silhouettes  $25 each
5 boxes of reservoirs $12 each


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