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Re: [IP] Thinking of trying the pump

Hi, I would like to add some more (although it doesn't keep me from
pumping, of course)1. when you do a lot of sports thinking about what do
with the pump and how to cover gaps is more complicated.2. pool or beach
days in summer 3. sufficient supply (besides insulin) is more difficult
to monitor: number of infusion sets, batteries, adapeters etc.  Tina >>Hi,
>>This week I just started using the pump. They have me on saline
>>this week but
>>next week I start on insulin. Everyone from my doctor to the sales
>>person tell
>>me about all the pros of the pump. I want to know if someone could
>>tell me
>>about the cons.
>>My a1c readings go from 6.9 to 7.2. The doctor wants to get me down
>>to 6.5.
>>I was diagnosed with diabetes at age 11. I'm now 38 with no
>>complications yet.
>>I wanted to give the pump a try I have nothing to lose and maybe
>>everything to
>>gain. If I'm not comfortable with the pump I can always go back to
>>shots. Hope to hear from some pump users. Thanks,
>I hope you weren't expecting anything more than 4,000+ affirmatives!
> ;>P
>The cons?
>1. Insurance
>2. Insu! rance
>3. Insurance
>4. Occasional bad sites
>5. Occasional unexplained bad numbers (got that already, don't
>6. Rapid DKA when you've got a bad site
>7. Occasional pump failures (YPMV)
>8. People saying "you must have diabetes really bad"
>9. Insurance
>Total value of Cons opposed to all the positives? 0
>Happy Pumping!
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