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Re: [IP] Thinking of trying the pump

>This week I just started using the pump. They have me on saline this week but
>next week I start on insulin. Everyone from my doctor to the sales person tell
>me about all the pros of the pump. I want to know if someone could tell me
>about the cons.
>My a1c readings go from 6.9 to 7.2. The doctor wants to get me down to 6.5.
>I was diagnosed with diabetes at age 11. I'm now 38 with no complications yet.
>I wanted to give the pump a try I have nothing to lose and maybe everything to
>gain. If I'm not comfortable with the pump I can always go back to taking
>shots. Hope to hear from some pump users. Thanks,

I hope you weren't expecting anything more than 4,000+ affirmatives!    ;>P

The cons?
1.  Insurance
2.  Insurance
3.  Insurance
4.  Occasional bad sites
5.  Occasional unexplained bad numbers (got that already, don't you?)
6.  Rapid DKA when you've got a bad site
7.  Occasional pump failures (YPMV)
8.  People saying "you must have diabetes really bad"
9.  Insurance

Total value of Cons opposed to all the positives?   0

Happy Pumping!

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