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[IP] New Insulin in Old Reservoirs

Gil wrote:
>I've also been "blessed" with two bottles of NovoLog that are ineffective.
>The lot number and expiration date are NW50631 and 12/2004 respectively. Do
>numbers look like the ones on your bottle?
>Make that lot number NW50691, not NW50631. Sorry, but my "old man eyes" must
>be playing tricks. Expiration date is 12/2004.
You know, I tossed the bottles that were "bad".  Not having had any trouble
before, I just toss the bottle as soon as I fill the reservoirs.  The insulin
I had wasn't totally ineffectual, as you report; I just couldn't get down
below 200 for two days.  As soon as I changed to the new bottle I was back on
It's funny:  My original question was whether the little bit of "bad" Novolog
that would be left in the reservoirs after I emptied them (bad insulin going
down the drain) would corrupt the new Novolog I'm going to refill the
reservoirs with.  I wasn't thinking crystals or clogging, necessarily.  I
think I'll just empty as much as I can and refill as I have been.  I'm not at
all convinced that the plastic reservoir degrades the Novolog.  I haven't
noticed that before & I've been refilling those plastic reservoirs three times
before starting new ones.  Thanks for your input.  Onward.
Lee & her paradigm, Beep
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