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[IP] Supplies closet Clear out


Well, I'm going to be upgrading my pump from a 507C to a new paradigm 512.
My pump is now 5 years old, and has a short in it causing the pump to eat
through batteries. Since I'm upgrading I'll no longer be able to use the
following supplies.  So if you have limited resourses for your pump
supplies (such as I do) then maybe this will help. 

In the past I have been able to remain on the pump because of generous
members of this list either giving me supplies I so desparately needed or
selling them for a very cheap cost.  That was when I had no insurance
coverage for my supplies.  Now I have coverage, but only at an 80/20%
split, so there is still out of pocket expenses on my part.  I'd love to be
able to give these items away for free, but I don't have the financial
means to do so.  So I'm offering them at a really reduced cost to cover the
portion I've paid from purchasing the supplies.  If you can use any of
these items please let me know by emailing me off list (personally at:
email @ redacted)

These supplies are for the 500 series minimed pumps, infusion sets will
work with any lure locking reservoir/infusion set connection.

These are all full boxes, unopened and unused and have not expired.

2 boxes of silhouttes (10 full sets each) "list price $110 each"  $25 each

1 box of quicksets  9mm 43" tubing "list price $110each"  $25 each

6 boxes of Reservoirs (24 per box) "List price $74.00 each"  $12.00 each

2 boxes of IV3000  Transparent dressing Opsite tape 6cmX7cm 100 count "list
price $49.00)  $15.00  (I used this when I was using the rapid infusion

All prices will cover shipping costs. Might be able to discount if mulitple
items are purchased. HOpefully this can help someone out that has limited
funds and limited resourses for their pumping needs such as I have
encountered.  And thank you for helping me,  being an at home mom with low
income does make it difficult to cover pump supplies sometimes. 

Thank you.


email @ redacted

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