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Re: [IP] Remote control on Paradigm

I'm sorry...that just doesn't make any sense.  In the case of the remote,
the remote radios the button press to the pump just like the meter radios
the reading to the pump.  But the pump STILL has to be "listening" for this
RF signal.

The only way I could see the remote working differently is if it never
actually radios the pump, and instead, just keeps track if there is a button
press.  The pump then radios the remote and "asks" if there was a button
press.  But, this would be a very odd way to develop an RF device indeed.

If the quote below is true, I'd be really curious as to why they can't use
the same technique with the remote.  But, I doubt it is.  The pump still has
to be "searching" or "listening" regardless of what the other device is.


>Here is a quote regarding that (from
>"The 511, after the remote unit was activated, would search regularly for
>it. This searching cut battery life in half, with users getting only one to
>two weeks of use from a battery. In the 512, the meter radios the reading
>the pump only after a test, so battery life is protected."
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