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Re: [IP] Question- What's your highest b.s. this year?

I know that once or twice I have had a blood glucose over 600, and once was 
 when I was going for lab work and the cannula had come out in the course of the
night...My MD called and asked how I was feeling, and that we had a 
 problem...When I asked what the problem was, he said that my glucose that
moring (as a
fasting lab) was 710.  I then said that I was thristy, but not much 
else...problem solved with a shot of about 45 units of humalog...

Blood glucose levels are not meant to be good or bad, but solely high or low. 
 it needs to serve as a guide to what you need to do to be healthy, not as a 
signal of need for improvement, or a reason to be mad or upset with yourself.  
Keep your chin up, and don't be embarrassed.  Remember...only today 
 matters...what happened yesterday is over, and what will happen tomorrow will
 tomorrow. You can only deal with what is happening right now, and while it can
be a learning experience, it is NOT something to crucify your self over.  

Take Care of YOURSELF!!!!
Meghan Neumann
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