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Re: [IP] Question- What's your highest b.s. this year?

In April had a 567 then yesterday a 477, for no apparent reason,  
yesterday took about 10 of novolog plus my bedtime 8 of Lantus to wake 
up this morning at 183 :)    which is a little different since I 
usually  am in the 40's or 50's in am.
This is why my doctor wants me on the pump!!!    Which is to be here 
Tues.  :)  
One thing I've learned is to NEVER think I have my diabetes figured out 
and know what will happen next!!!!!!!!  Makes a lier out of me every time:)
type 1 diag 1940-41

Christina H wrote:

> Hi Everyone, I know this sounds like a ridiculous question, but I'm very
>curious to hear what your highest blood sugars have been this year. I always
 >feel like such a failure if I get a very high blood sugar, even if it's
>of a clogged canula or what not, and I'm wondering if anyone else on this list
 >has been in the high 400s sometime this year? I'd really appreciate any
>and numbers you guys are willing to offer. I'm actually EMBARASSED to confess
>I've been that high more than once or twice this year! Thanks for your
>responses. --Christina
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