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Re: [IP] Question- What's your highest b.s. this year?

In a message dated 8/29/2003 3:40:57 PM Alaskan Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes: 
> Hi Everyone, I know this sounds like a ridiculous question, but I'm very
> curious to hear what your highest blood sugars have been this year. I always
> feel like such a failure if I get a very high blood sugar, even if it's 
> because
> of a clogged canula or what not, and I'm wondering if anyone else on this 
> list
> has been in the high 400s sometime this year? I'd really appreciate any 
> feedback
> and numbers you guys are willing to offer. I'm actually EMBARASSED to 
> confess
> I've been that high more than once or twice this year! Thanks for your
> responses. --Christina

You have got to be kidding, Christina !!!!     Me, have high BG readings, 
especially that high !!!

Laugh!!!!!   Well, I am willing to admit that it doesn't go quite that high 
very often, but definitely it occurs. Christina, DON'T feel guilty. Unless you 
knowing consume something and don't bolus for it, or just sometimes decide to 
do nothing about it, then, maybe a little. 

But, if you are doing what you can, to keep things under control, then, there 
is no need for guilt. Let's see, it is the end of August, month 8 of the 
 year. I would have to say, that I have been over 400 probably about 4 or 5
Now, once, I know, it was due to a wonderful Sunday waffle breakfast, and I 
 totally miscalculated. Another 2 times were pre pump, and another, was due to a
cannula coming out without notice. (Been struggling some today, though not 
that high, cause I must not have clicked the Quick set on tight enough, after 
shower last night, and woke with an hanging set.)

Somewhere along the line, someone said that not matter what you do, or how 
 hard you work for control, there are a precentage of readings you will get,
have absolutely no answer for why they occur. This goes for highs, and lows. 
Yep, had a few lows, that I cannot explain either. But then, being T2, I think 
that sometimes that ole' pancreas of mine gets a wild hair and goes on a 
rampage, regardless of what I want.....resulting in strange highs or lows.

Anyway, just do your best and remember, that NOBODY'S perfect. Though we can 
sure try and claim to be. <grin>

Cheers and have a great weekend.
Tina H.
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