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[IP] School high blood sugar management

I can only imagine how little she understands about what 
goes into the decision about to do with a high blood sugar 
at school.  Perhaps you could point out to her that there 
are numerous steps: 1) is the reading really valid(how 
much pancake syrup is really still on his fingers 2) Is 
the site failing 3)How much unused insulin might still be 
on board 4) Did my child forget to bolus for breakfast 5) 
Has extra food been consumed and not bolused for 6) Is he 
ill 7) Should we check ketones? 8) How soon should we 
recheck 9) Is gym coming up and maybe we want to under 
correct because of activity.
Personally I want to be involved in the decision process. 
My son goes to school armed with a cell phone and an 
insulin pump.
Lisa mother to Eric 8 (who has a paradigm, but uses a 

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From: wieslaw maciorowski <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Wed, 27 Aug 2003 18:35:45 -0500
Subject: [IP] Problems with 504 plan

We have been contacted today in the afternoon, by the 
school nurse who 
wants to change my son's Health Plan (to alter a 
physician's signed 
order). In particular she does not want us (parents) to be 
called with 
high readings so that we can tell what correction dose to 
use. She 
wants our physician to set and adjust insulin ratios.

It is not a workable proposal and we will be fighting her 
on this. I 
was wondering if anyone else had similar problem and what 
are the best 
arguments/defences we could use?
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