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Re: [IP] Remote control on Paradigm

I don't have first hand experience...but the way the remote works, it ONLY 
 sends a signal when you press the buttons. The pump is what is doing the "work"
of "listening" for the remote.  So, I would expect the remote to last an 
extremely long time.  Your vehicle likely has a remote keyless entry.  They 
work on a similar principle, but at a much higher power level.  My key-fob to 
my car has gone 3+ years without needing a new battery.  Now, I'm not sure the 
 Paradigm remote will last that long...but I expect you'll get months of use out
of it at least. 


>I need some advice about how much the remote control on the Paradigm "eats
>through" batteries.  I really need to get Ryan's remote up and running since
>it is he** getting him up at night or finding his pump under the covers to
>bolus him in the night, but he is afraid he will have to change the batteries
>several times a day because the remote will use up the battery power very
>quickly.  Thanks for any help you can give.
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