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RE: [IP] email address

 --- On Fri 08/29, Kay Guy < email @ redacted > wrote:

 From: Kay Guy [mailto: email @ redacted]To: email @ redacted: Thu, 28 Aug
2003 21:55:06 -0700Subject: [IP] email addressDid anyone else get an email from
these people Thursday night? I can'timagine how they got my email except from
IP. I'm not accusing IP ofselling or giving addresses. I know they wouldn't do
that. But the onlyplace SimpleChoice could have gotten my address as someone
connected to apumper is from IP. When we post, our addresses show. That means
someoneon the IP list has collected addresses of senders for the purpose
ofcommercial enterprise. That bothers me.Am I wrong? Is there any other way
SimpleChoice could have gotten thisaddress?Again, I'm not upset with IP, but
with the individual or company who hasused this list for their own gain. If you
want to advertise, don't fillmy box with unsolicited spam.Kay
 Kay, Becca is right. There are 1000 ways for a spammer to harvest your email
address simply by your being online. Any url you visit has the potential to keep
your information, esp if you give out ANY info whatsoever. It's called
*cookies*. And if there are others in your house who use the computer, look to
their web surfing habits. I do have a suggestion. Get a web beased email address
for email lists such as this if you are worried about spam. There are several
good ones, Excite.com is the one I am using for this one. Yahoo.com is probably
one of the better ones and there is also hotmail.com. Excite.com has issues I am
still working around on my replies. Yahoo.com is my favorite. I have several
over there for several lists, :) And if I get spam, I just put them in a bulk
folder and throw them away after reporting them. I hope this helps ease your
mind about IP. Liz

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