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[IP] Found something on Pizza boluses!

Hi, gang,

FWIW, I found this item on the MSN pumpers site. Naturally, YMMV, but it 
seems to make some interesting conclusions:

Pizza Testing and Insulin Control

>>From: SunniD7
Message 4 in Discussion
Pizza testing and insulin control. This is reported in the Diabetes 
 interview. http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/cgi/chat/chatset.plx Abstract Title
 Insulin Pump Dosing and Postprandial Glycemia Following a Consistent Pizza Meal
Abstract Information Abstract Number: 2314-PO Authors: SUSAN M. JONES, JILL 
 Institution: Hershey, PA Results: Objective -- To identify an optimal insulin
pump meal
bolus by comparing postprandial sensor glucose values following three methods 
of insulin pump meal bolusing for a consistent pizza meal. Research Design and 
Methods -- A group of 26 self-selected patients with type 1 diabetes using 
continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion with insulin lispro participated in a 
study to compare postprandial sensor glucose values following three (3) meal 
bolus regimens for a consistent evening meal of plain, cheese pizza. Each 
participant utilized the following insulin regimens on successive evenings and 
 glucose values were tracked by the Continuous Glucose Monitoring System (CGMS):
1) insulin dose calculated with standard evening meal insulin/carbohydrate 
ratio; given as normal (immediate) bolus. Day 2) same total insulin dose 
 programmed as dual wave with 50% given as normal bolus and 50% over 4 hours.
Day 3)
same total insulin dose programmed as dual wave with 50% given as normal bolus 
and 50% over 8 hours. Results [ndash]Bolus delivery over 8 hours (day 3) 
 provided significantly better postprandial glycemia, than either day 1 or day 2
Day 1 vs. day 3 shows a statistically significant 24% reduction in day 3 mean 
glucose (8.4mmol/l vs. 7 mmol/l; P < 0.02); percentage of time in range was 
significantly increased in day 3 (32% day 1 vs. 49% day 3; P<0.01) with no 
 difference in time below range. Percentage of time above the curve (53% vs.
 P<0.015) and area above the curve (36 vs. 21; P< 0.01) were decreased on day 3.
Comparing day 2 vs. day 3: statistically significant reduction in mean glucose 
on day 3 (8mmol/l vs. 5.7 mmol/l respectively; P< 0.01); percentage of time 
above the curve (43% vs. 20% respectively; P< 0.037) and area above the curve 
(34 vs. 9 respectively; P< 0.01) were significantly decreased on day 3. 
 Conclusions -- For a consistent pizza meal, insulin administered as a dual wave
with 50% of the total delivered over 8 hours provided significantly less 
postprandial hyperglycemic exposure with no increase risk of hypoglycemia. 
Category: Insulin Action  

Thanks, and God Bless You,


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