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[IP] email address

 Did anyone else get an email from these people Thursday night? I can't
imagine how they got my email except from IP. I'm not accusing IP of
selling or giving addresses. I know they wouldn't do that. But the only
place SimpleChoice could have gotten my address as someone connected to a
pumper is from IP. When we post, our addresses show. That means someone
on the IP list has collected addresses of senders for the purpose of
commercial enterprise. That bothers me.

Am I wrong? Is there any other way SimpleChoice could have gotten this

Again, I'm not upset with IP, but with the individual or company who has
used this list for their own gain. If you want to advertise, don't fill
my box with unsolicited spam.


SimpleChoice Connections Newsletter Volume 2 - Issue 3 Third Quarter 2003
SimpleChoice Connections * Volume 2 - Issue 3 * Third Quarter 2003
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