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[IP] Re: Fund Raiser

>         I almost never carry water for groups.  And, I am certain Michael
>does not need my assistance, as he seems to work very hard at raising
>funds for the Insulin Pumpers's web-site.  I am equally certain that
>funds raised are used for staff parties, with the balance just wasted.

Not completely wasted though.  Three years ago I got a raise in my 
salary to two pats on the back a month.  But I am concerned about not 
being invited to that staff party.  I mean I have been working for IP 
for 5 years now and they Never invite me to that party!    ;>P

>         I got to thinking that I must read 10 - 20 "profiles" of new
>members every week, and I was wondering whether it would be appropriate
>to ask new members to make contributions when they have just joined this
>list in order to obtain information on insulin pumps . . . "just joined"
>maybe over the last year.  They would not know whether this would be a
>valuable site or just a waste of some personal information.

People join (usually at a rate of around 45 new members each week) 
with some trepidation as to giving out personal information.  And 
people leave the list, some in a matter of hours, once they see a 
plea for funds.  We would like to keep the lists as open and free as 
possible, but we all know that rent, electricity, internet 
connections and bandwidth are NOT free.  The companies help out, but 
they are limited in how much they can donate.  If we set expectations 
on new members to contribute, they may not end up as pumpers after 
all.   We prefer those who have really enjoyed the lists and have 
learned and benefited from membership here to help out.

Not everyone can contribute money.  They can help in other ways. 
Some volunteer work, some just help out by spreading the word that 
Help and Information is available here for free!  It costs you 
nothing to join or remain a member.   The only expectation is that if 
you do benefit and you are capable of doing it, Support this Site. 
And make sure every insulin using diabetic you know also knows of the 
Help available here.

one of the volunteers
for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: