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[IP] I'm BACK!!

 Well after a month(or so) of no mail I am back!!!! I went away - to Florida for
2 weeks to come home and find that my internet was still down(it had gone down a
week before I left) but I finally figured out what was wrong and I am back!!

 Trip was great other then the fact that my pump died at midnight of day 2!!
Saturday night it just kinda froze I phoned and they said it sounded like water
got in - which is most likely what happened as I was in the pool most of the day
- and there was a weird spot inside the pump which looked like water anyways
they fed ex'd my new pump to the hotel I would be at on Tuesday mornign and I
just did hourly shots till then which worked great - other then the overnights
cause I just woke up once or twice to correct - usually I was about
15.0-17.0(270-300) in the mornings - not great but better then the numbers I was
having pre-pump.

 Hooked up to my new pump and havn't had a problem since - it went really
smoothly considering the fact that my pump died - I remained surprisingly calm -
mainly due to the fact that I was to busy to think about it and my cousin, her
husband and 17 year old daughter(also my cousin of some sort) where quite
paniced about it all! I never told my mom(back home) about it till I was hooked
up to my new one as to not cause total panic back home!!

 AND cause I was soooo smart and remembered to write down my basal rates and
bring them with me hook up was easy!!

Anyways I'm back and missed you all!

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm
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