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[IP] re: I am sorry

Hello. I just opened a email that I got at about 1030 PST from someone from
this site, stating that she was convinced that I was trying to SCAM you people
into giving me pumps to put on eBay or something. Well I can verify that is
totally wrong. and if you need to "verify" that I was denied a pump you can
call Jan at Providence Portland Medical Centre's Diabetes Services at
503.256.9151 for she is my CDE, dietician and was to be my pump trainer (mini
med and animas), and she knows that I was denied a pump and ask her to do a 3
way for she has my home number. So if you don't believe me call her...
I have also made up my mind about pumping..........It is a emphatic NO because
I can not afford the full cost of a pump without insurance help and neither of
my insurances will pay for it or even help pay for it.
According to the email that I had received, I am just a scammer wanting pumps
to sell........so if I wanted to sell them why would I want to initiate pump
training (that is stupid expecialy when it was coming out of MY pocket)
Call this harsh or another word, but you know, I am sick of being lied about,
and being told that I was scamming you for no other than getting pumps to sell
on eBay or something.
For those that would like the email that I got that stated that I was a
scammer please email me privately, and I will forward the email to you. (and
YES the person that sent it to me name will be on it so they [the recipent]
knows who said these things about me (which is totally off base and wrong)
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