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RE: [IP] Re: Feelng insulin being delivered into site

Dear Jan,
I did  not say your 507C or the 508 MM pump is outdated
technology (however, they do not deliver a basal increment
of 0.05). You stated the fast delivery pumps you had
originally used caused pain. The old original pumps were
out-dated technology.
Apologies for the misunderstanding, but that was my
interpretation of your statement.


>I had said I want a 508 and it is certainly not outdated
technology. Even my
507C delivers square/dual waves, is lighted, has a potential
of 48 basals,
plus the 508 also has a remote, vibrate mode, 2 profiles.
There may be
*more* bells and whistles now, but the 508 isn't outdated
technology. :-)<
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