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Re: [IP] Disetronic Pump failure

At 01:20 AM 8/28/03, Tracey Scott wrote:
>   Has anyone else got the letter from disetronic about our pumps being
>(under and over infusing) not suitable in water and burning
>  If you haven't i have a copy to give.or you can visit their site......
>If you have what are you currently doing?......have they told you any useful
>  information?......how about refunding our money?...
>  VERY FRUSTRATED and back on needles for the first time in 5 ye ars and not
>managing well

Ummmm, why are you back on needles?  I'm still using my H-Tron+.  Don't see 
any reason to quit.  Disetronic did have a problem with batteries, but it 
looks like that problem's been solved since my batteries now last more than 
a month.  As far as water, so take it off like a lot of other pump users 
whose pumps are not recommended to be used in water.  To my knowledge my 
pumps have never under or overbolused.  It appears, from what I understand, 
that if the pump housing is cracked and the pump is used in water, it can 
possibly cause serious problems.  So, I just do regular careful inspections 
of my pump's housing and don't use it in water.

dxd 1963
pumping H-Tron+ 2000 
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