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[IP] Clog, Answers

No, I haven't done that yet.  One day, I didn't eat at all until late 
afternoon, and was fine.  I plan on asking my doctor and just using the 
belly until then.
If you look at my post, I did check before each bolus.  I doubt very 
seriously that I could have gone down enough to cause my liver to dump in 
an hour, especially without feeling it.  I do not have hypoglycemia 
unawareness.  I was feeling high and yucky the whole time.  Yes, I do have 
a tendency to try to get down quickly, but I would rather do that, and 
check for it, than to remain high any longer than I have to.
I am well aware of the dangers of over bolusing.  You can probably imagine 
I do that often.  I usually see a difference within an hour, if I don't, 
then I take more.  I have never had insulin work for 5 hours before.  I 
think the Novolog is screwing me up.  Also, being 800 for 8 hours is NOT an 
option for me.  I won't do that, ever.   I would immediately give myself 24 
units (each unit usually brings me down 30 BS points) if I were that 
high.  I can't imagine ever getting that high considering how much I 
check.  The highest I have been this year is 360, and that happened because 
I left my checker at home and didn't check for 4 hours (and ate out).  If I 
check enough, and drink juice, I can avoid dangerous lows, I just was not 
expecting to continue going down 5 hours after the last dose, especially 
considering what I ate (Burger King chicken sandwich and onion rings).

In all, it looks like Novolog may last longer in my system, especially in 
large doses, and that butt sites may just not work for me with this insulin 
(had no problems doing this on Humalog).
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