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[IP] RE: Humalog action times

Check this link for the information on action time of

The Humalog graph shows the peak action at about 3-4 hours,
and the duration very close to 6.  While there isn't much
active Humalog after 4 hours, there is some, and adding or
"stacking" extra doses in that time frame could cause a
problem with low BG. Most people are eating before the 6
hour point, so are not aware there is any effect. Also, your
own body's absorption and use of the bolus can vary. The
graph is an average to use as a guideline.

It is wonderful that your BGs are improved with the 0.05
basal option.
One pump company proved this to be a major advantage to many
users on low basal rates.
It is a shame that competitive marketing tried to dispute
this would be an advantage to anyone. Wonder why the
competition now has 0.05 as an option?

People need whatever they need to manage blood glucose
levels. Period.

Barbara A. Bradley, MS, RN, CDE
Independent Diabetes Educator

Barbara A. Bradley
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