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[IP] Berstein Velosulin Gastrp & More

Thanks for responses - I've never used Velosulin and have no idea of how 
long it takes to 'act' in the average person-  one with diabetes of course.  
My endo's nurse didn't know squat about it when I called (and of course 
wanted me to drive into Little Rock - 50 miles- to 'talk to' the doc about 

I don't have a square wave on my Disetronic pump - but I could figure out a 
temporary basal rate for my small carb meals.  I'm still using the Humalog 
in my pump for my basal rate and injecting Regular for meals - something's 
not working in practice.  In theory it works fine :-)  I even added the 30% 
my endo mentioned when resorting to injections.  Blood sugars higher than 
desired 4 hours later.  I'll try the temp. basal with meals first and wait 
'til I hear about Velosulin.   Thanks jhughey and Kathy.

Still wondering in

Dianne De Mink, Type I for nearly 40 years, is working on a book about diet 
and nutrition.


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