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[IP] Re: problems with 504

First she cannot change physicians orders on her own...she could loose her
license.....second, if this is not already in the physicians orders have
write it that parents are responsible for these things.....please feel free
to e me privately about this...what state are you in?


Hello email @ redacted,

In reference to your comment:

h We have been contacted today in the afternoon, by the
h school nurse who  wants to change my son's Health
h Plan (to alter a physician's signed  order).  In particular
h she does not want us (parents) to be called with  high
h readings so that we can tell what correction dose to
h use.  She  wants our physician to set and adjust
h insulin ratios.  It is not a workable proposal and we will
h be fighting her on this.  I  was wondering if anyone else
h had similar problem and what are the best  arguments
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