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Re: [IP] laugh away- humalog action times?

I'm a bit new too ... but you can see the Humalog action times at 
http://www.humalog.com  -- Lilly has a nice graph.

What I do, is this...

If I eat a meal, and two hours after, am over 150, I correct by HALF.  
I use 1 unit of insulin to correct 50 points of blood sugar, so if I am 
at 150, I will give .5 units of insulin.

If I were to check 1 hour later, and was still over 150, I would give 
.2 units of insulin (halfing it again).

This is a simplified form of the "unused insulin rule" -- do a web 
search -- that my pump trainer has given me.

However, if I wake up and check my blood sugar and it was at 150, I 
would correct with the full insulin.

--- Not only YMMV (Your Milage May Vary), but I only check and correct 
2 hours apart, not one.
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