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RE: [IP] laugh away- humalog action times?

For practical purposes in MOST people, and to make calculation of unused 
insulin simple, typically Humalog and Novolog will be listed to have anywhere 
from a 3-4 hour action time.  MOST of the insulin is, in fact, used in this 
time.  (Humalog "finishes" a bit ahead of Novolog, but both still have a bit 
more residual even after this.)

 Anyhow, the amount of remaining insulin after this 4 hour mark is typically far
 below anything significant for the average bolus, and plays little in affecting
BGLs.  However, for a large bolus, you might find that the residual insulin 
past 4 hours does play into it.  When I give large boluses, I do notice that I 
 will continue to drop past the 4 hour mark (presuming I haven't had a meal with
a lot of protein/fat).  Actually that protein/fat often is what makes that 
residual insulin appear not to do anything.

But, MM is correct...Humalog and Novolog both remain in the body LONGER than 3-
4 hours, though at small amounts.  For the ease of calculation and typical 
scenarios, this residual amount can be ignored.  But, MM has to be careful not 
to make any recommendations that might result in a low.  They are an FDA-
 approved medical device. So, because of this, they must be conservative. In a
sense, their calculation is more accurate from a technical standpoint, though 
not necessarily from a practical one.  Anyhow, they cannot risk CAUSING anyone 
to go low not only for their own sakes (legal issues) but for the safety of 
their "patients".  

Hope this helps.  :-)


>ok, so i'm really feeling stupid here, but i would like to be educated so i
>know what i've been doing wrong for 3 years. will somebody please explain to
>me what is the REAL action time for humalog????!!!
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