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[IP] laugh away- humalog action times?

ok, so i'm really feeling stupid here, but i would like to be educated so i
know what i've been doing wrong for 3 years. will somebody please explain to
me what is the REAL action time for humalog????!!!

so i've posted before about being sensitive to insulin, not being able to do
any extra activities, going grocery shopping makes me go low, etc. so i
started the mm 512 a week ago and have exclusively used the bolus wizard for
all my corrections and food boluses. with the .05 basal rates i don't move 20
points in 6 hours. i cannot believe how much better my blood sugars have been-
it's simply amazing!
 i must be a moron because this pump is much smarter than i am- i have been
below 110 for all meals and around 170-190 at my 2 hour. ok, most of you are
like "so what that's normal" but for me it's been up down up down- who knows
what i'll be before a meal and if i'm not over 200 at the 2 hr point i'll be
50 at the 4 hour. i'm not kidding! i went grocery shopping on sunday, didn't
reduce my basal, didn't eat more, and stayed within 20 points of where i

so i miscalculated for something the other day and at the 4 1/2 hour mark i
wanted the pump to give me a correction bolus. i don't remember the real
numbers but here's close; let's say i was 200 so that gets beamed to the pump,
i use the wizard to calculate a correction bolus and it comes up with .9 and
says "active insulin 2.3". i'm like, what? it's 4 1/2 hours after i ate, how
can i still have that much insulin active in me? i thought insulin (humalog)
action  times dies after 3-4 hours like this says
http://www.diabetesnet.com/diabetes_treatments/insulin_action_times.php . i
double check and my pump is set for u100fast - humalog. so i call minimed. i
asked them what algorithm are they using to figure insulin action times
because whatever it is it works but how is it coming up with 2.3 units at 4
1/2 hours? the woman on the phone goes to ask a nurse and she comes back
saying humlog doesn't end for 4-6 hours!! say what?? i have never heard this
before!! am i the only one? then i look in the 512 users manual under
correction bolus and it says the same 4-6 hour thing.

will somebody please explain this to me??? is this something i should have
known for the past 3 years when figuring out correction boluses? i've always
assumed there was no more bolus acting  after 4 hours and took a full
correction bolus.

i am VERY happy this is going so well- not even one low this week and good
numbers but i really would like to understand what i've obviously been doing
wrong all this time...

sorry if this is something everybody else knows but i don't....

leann marcucci
dx'd 8/00
mm 512 8/03
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