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[IP] Please update your contact information

Burnos Dias Insulin-Pumpers-Digest,

Please take a moment to reply to this email and make changes to your
contact information.

I'm using a new software tool called Plaxo to update my address
book.  Plaxo makes this easy by sending messages like this one
-- and, if you download Plaxo too, you and I will automatically
have each other's latest contact info right inside Outlook or
Outlook Express without needing to send emails back and forth. 
You can get Plaxo at: http://www.plaxo.com/downloads.

  1. Download Plaxo and we will automatically stay in sync:


  1. Click REPLY
  2. Check the contact info below - and if it isn't correct - just
       change it in the reply.
  3. Send the reply message

If everything looks correct, just reply with `no changes'
in the message body.



Name: Insulin-Pumpers-Digest
Job Title: 
Work E-mail: email @ redacted
Work Phone: 
Work Fax: 
Work Address Line 1: 
Work Address Line 2: 
Work City, State, Zip: 
Mobile Phone: 

Home E-mail: 
Home Phone: 
Home Fax: 
Home Address Line 1: 
Home Address Line 2: 
Home City, State, Zip: 

 P.S. I've included my current contact information below. I've also attached a
copy as a vCard.

 | Yerachmiel Altman
 | email @ redacted
 | Sr. Design Engineer
 | Information Builders Inc
 | 2 Penn Plaza
 | New York, NY 10121
 | work: (917) 339-6323
 | work 2: (212) 736-4433 ext 4323
 | fax: (732) 626-9099
 | im: Yerachmiel
 | web: http://yaltman.stsbeta.iponet.net/default.aspx
 | Personal Information: 
 | 1401 Twin Oaks Drive
 | Lakewood NJ 08701
 | home: (732) 363-2236
 | fax: (732) 626-9099
 | im: Yerachmiel haLevi
 | web: http://yaltman.stsbeta.iponet.net/default.aspx
 | e-mail: email @ redacted

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Yerachmiel Altman.vcf]
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