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[IP] Hands Off My Pump

>  I would very strongly sugest that you consider this when you are Telling
>hospital people to keep your hand off my pump.  I guess it could be covered
>with one last sentense on your HOT letter to over ride all your instructions
>if this happens
>I had my pump on and I had a small vessel break in the small space under the
>conective tissue covering of my brain. It is called a  Sub aracnoid
>I was in five different hospitals and care facilities. Had a 160 miles
helicopter ride down to San Francisco and a 160 ambulance ride back home.
>   When my mind "CAME TO" I was walking down the hall going to the dinning
>hall in the 5th facility.
>It was a very expensive way to loose 35 lbs.  But they gave me my insulin
>without my instructions and they keep me alive. I am now back on MI.  I have
>not missed my insulin any day for 49 and 11/12 yrs.
>Charles Soder....DDS,  T 1 since 10/53 at age 19
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