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Re: [IP] Problems with 504 plan

Hi Wes,
I am a teacher, a pumper, and a mother of a diabetic!  Your school nurse 
 doesn't know what she is talking about. You need to explain to her that you do
not call the doctor every time you child takes insulin to correct a high BG.  
That is ridiculous.  I have found that you really have to stand your ground.  
Your doctor should be able to back you up with a letter or phone call to the 
 nurse. There are people who can come with you to your I.E.P. meeting to support
you.  Try a pump nurse or an advocate from your local ADA.  All in all "the 
squeaky wheel gets the grease".  I have seen many parents get what their child 
needs because they were persistent!
Good Luck!
Lynn S.
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