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[IP] Re: the clogging issue

Hi Krista.

I really and truly am laughing, but excuse me, now I will, calmly, ask, 
what PLANET is that endo from?  Perhaps he/she is concerned about 
sterility but let's not be completely ridiculous.  We all work with 
needles and shots, blood tests,  etc., etc.  The "mixture" will last at 
LEAST 30 days---what is this endo's "proof" for giving you that little 
piece of negative information that it's only good for 24 hours?  Nice 
little scare tactic.  If he is suggesting that "only endos or 
pharmacies" can mix things, help!!---although maybe that was your 
arrangement in the past, in which case, of course you would not want to 
go that route!!  My "method" is simple, straightforward, fast , and 
endo approved.


> Hi Barbara, I appreciate your input.  We have used diluted insulin in 
> the
>  past, and you are right, we did not have any more clogs. I really do 
> not want
> to
> go that route.  Then endo told me if I dilute it myself, it is only 
> good for
> 24hrs.  What do you think?
> Krista Nastro, Mom to Anthony 2 1/2, Dx'd 8/25/02 Pumping w/Animas 
> 8/03, MM
> 4/03
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