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Re: [IP] Feeling insulin being delivered into site

In a message dated 8/27/2003 10:31:41 AM Alaskan Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes: 
> We have the Cozmo. Should I be breaking big morning boluses? Also, she uses 
> the
> 90 degree sets. Do you think this could be a problem as well?
> Thanks,
> Denise

Denise, doing a short (30 min) extended bolus may help. Has your daughter 
grown and thinned out recently? If so, those 90 degree sets may be contacting 
muscle or close to it. You may want to try a shorter cannula, if not using one 
already, or the Sil sets which go in at an angle. 

Getting frustrated with diabetes, pumping, injections and especially for 
 me...testing...is all a part of this life we have been dealt. Just help her
listen, talk, and support. Is you daughter getting to the age of "boys?" or 
another milestone, which is making her extra self-consious about her image? Is 
she suddenly being shunned by others cause she has "that disease?" Can it even 
be that reality has hit her with the knowledge that pumping will be with her 
for a long time, until the cure comes out (in 5 yrs <grin>).

Give her time, and do a lot of talking, try different things and I trust it 
will all work out. Even years later as an adult, I still want "out of the 
diabetes game" sometimes, but don't have that option. 

Take care of you both, Tina H.
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