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Re: [IP] Clog? - Long

In a message dated 8/27/2003 7:02:41 AM Alaskan Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes: 
> his morning so far seems about the same.  I ate 3 slices turkey bacon and 
> a glass of milk, which should have been about 20 grams, and I took 3 for 
> that.  I am now over 200, and trying to get back down.

Hi Alicia, I am far from being an expert, but when I read the post, what came 
into my mind was that you were bolusing an AWEFUL lot, as you were adding 
insulin every hour. Sometimes, you will not see a drop for more than an hour, 
(meaning it would be a good idea to take no action for another hour), on the 
 other hand, what could have been happening (which I suspect) is that your BG
 dropping (did you check 30 min after a bolus?) and your liver was dumping sugar
into your system causing a rebound, due to all the insulin in your system. 

Then, later in the evening, your liver had dumped all it's reserves, so the 
 tail of the insulin, along with the basals and exercise, kept dropping you low.
Your liver had nothing left to help with. You were already in normal to low 
normal range at 4/5pm, and still had a lot of insulin working. Then you ate, 
which was good, but bolused well for it and then exercised. 

My biggest concern, is that you were adding a lot of insulin every hour early 
in the day, without giving consideration to what was still in your system. 
 Going up some after a meal is normal, just watch to see that it comes right
down. This, of course, will vary with your system and how it reacts to 
different foods. 

Be patient, don't act to quickly, and test often, even every 20 or 30 min if 
needed. Give the boluses time to work. 

Good luck, Tina H.
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