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[IP] Re: Clogging!!

This "wonderful" clogging problem when using small amounts of insulin 
makes me a crazy lady!  I know the diabetic world seems to mostly 
object to it but I highly (and emotionally) recommend diluting Humalog 
with sterile diluent, available FREE, and it's very EASY to do.  I know 
that there are people who manage fine with tiny amounts of Humalog 
going through their systems with no trouble---eg.:   .1 per hour or 
less.  However, that doesn't mean that it works for everyone---YMMV???  
Diluting the insulin (1:1, 1:3, etc.) provides much greater flexibility 
in varying the dose for people on small insulin requirements, AND, 
provides more volume of "stuff" through the tubing over time, 
hence....lessening the possibility of crystallizing.  There, said my 
piece.  I have happily diluted for 3 1/2 years (how time flies)----I 
even tried to stop diluting and ran into problems almost immediately.  
I am a very small version of an expert on the subject.....any 
questions? (Please ask!)  There....got that out of my system didn't 
I...you may now stop laughing.....

> My son Anthony is  2 1/2 ys. of age.  Started on the MM Paradigm in 
> April.

> Had many problems with the cannula getting clogged.  Could actually 
> see a
>  whitish looking chunk in the middle part of the cannula. So, the CDE 
> figured
> that
> since MM does not deliver anything less than 0.1 that it could be the 
> reason.
> Times at night he would get 0.0.  So, with less pumping going on the 
> insulin
> is not moving quickly enough. "

> " We have already tried Novolog in the past and it didnt work.  It
> seems as if the insulin is crystallizing.  Cant really imagine what 
> else it
> could be.  Any suggestions?"
> Krista, Mom to Anthony 2  1/2  Dx'd 8/25/02 Pumping Animas 8/03, MM 
> 4/03
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