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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V7 #490

> I would like some opinions and suggestions about my experience last
> week with minimed and Insurance.  My 6 year old MM507 went
> permanently bad so I called minimed.  The rep (call her Alice) said
> let her pursue a replacement 508.  Next day Alice called saying I am
> getting a new pump and my insurance will pay 100%.  Skipping ahead,
> I got the pump and started using it.  Just got a notice from
> insurance saying insurance will not pay anything.

Keep the pump. Lily's insurance company said that and after 18months 
(pumping the whole time) they finally gave in. No.... we did not pay 
the bill during that time. On what basis is the insurance company 
denying reimbursment??? Are they practicing medicine?? Some details 
please and good advice will follow.

email @ redacted
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