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[IP] Clog? - Long

Hi all, I am mostly a lurker, but thought I should ask to see if anyone 
else had this problem.  I have been pumping about 6 years now, and recently 
was switched to Novolog from Humalog due to my insurance company getting 
Novolog cheaper.  Anyway, I have also recently switched from exclusive use 
of my belly to using my legs and buttocks.  Yesterday, something strange 
happened.  I will give a summary.

Woke at 8 AM with BS of 89
At 10, ate packet of peanuts with 5 grams carbs, bolused 1 (my morning carb 
to insulin ratio is 2 for every 10 grams)
Checked at 10:30 was 203, bolused 3 to cover (usually each unit brings me 
down 30)
Checked at 11, was 225, bolused 3
Checked at 12, was 222, bolused 3
Checked at 1, was 195, bolused 3
At 1:44, checked, was 175, ate lunch, 22 grams carbs (a lunchable with 
crackers meat and cheese), bolused 5 (figured there was something wrong, so 
wanted to make sure I took enough)
Checked at 3:20, was 173, bolused 2
Checked at 4:20, was 76, drank about 30 grams of juice
Checked at 5, was 99
Ate dinner of 80 grams at 5:10, bolused 7.5 (seemed to be getting better, 
and I was on my way to exercise)
Checked at 5:40, was 75, about ready to start exercise, so drank more 
juice, about 20 grams worth
Exercised from 5:40 to 8:00
Checked during, was 64 at 6:33
Checked again after more juice at 7, was 99
Checked before driving at 8, was 64, drank more juice
Checked at 9:40, was 37, drank a large amount of juice, probably 40 grams worth
Checked at 10, was 35, drank more, probably about 20 more grams
Checked before bed at 11, was 146, bolused 1
Woke this morning at 96

This morning so far seems about the same.  I ate 3 slices turkey bacon and 
a glass of milk, which should have been about 20 grams, and I took 3 for 
that.  I am now over 200, and trying to get back down.

Anyone have any clues what is going on?  Are my butt sites clogging in the 
morning, then dumping all I bolused during the day at one time once I start 
exercising?  The 30s 5 hours after my last bolus are the scariest, and I 
hate being high, especially for so long, and after eating only 5 grams of 
I am going to see my doctor, who is also on the pump, Tuesday, but thought 
I could ask you guys first.
Thanks in advance,
Alicia, type 1 20 years this May, pumping 6, only about 3 months with 
Novolog, no complications, last A1C 5.4
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