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RE: [IP] Berstein. Gastroparesis and Pump - Fran?

Hi Dianne.
You present many problems here.

	First of all, I'm confused as you indicated you're trying to measure small
amounts of insulin.  I am assuming that you are injecting and not

	If you are going to lean more towards eating less carbs and more protein,
my suggestion, and I'm not a doctor, is that you do a dual wave bolus if you
are pumping. Take a small amt. of insulin for the carbs you ARE eating and
dose the insulin out over a period of time to give your stomach a chance to
digest the proteins and for them to turn into glucose later on.

	If you're not pumping and injecting, then you need to figure out how long
the regular or humalog insulin takes to absorb and leave your body.  Then
you can figure you how much to take according to the above.

	If you have gastreo, then proteins will most probably take a little longer
to digest than normal.  Again, this is only my opinion.

	As far as exercising goes, ha!  I still can't figure it out either and I've
been diab. for 37 years!

	Some days I go low, other days I go high.  I think there is a lot more to
take into consideration besides just how much exercise you are doing.  For
example, aerobics getting the heart to pump more, I would think, would be a
little more stressful to the body than just doing yoga.  Same with lifting
weights as opposed to bike riding.  Also, I think lots of sweating takes a
lot out of you as well.

	Sorry if I'm not making myself clear but it's kind of hard to explain all
of this.  Best is that you keep logging and trying different things till you
see what works best for you.

	Kathy Bruckmeyer
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